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Elderly People


On 3 March 2011, the Commission of Experts for Elderly People inaugurated its activity.


The Commission of Experts for Elderly People was set up by Prof. Irena Lipowicz, the Human Rights Defender, by ordinance No 8/2010 of 23 February 2011. Persons invited to cooperate are prominent specialists dealing with the issues of elderly people and involved not only professionally, but also emotionally in actions to improve the situation of senior citizens in Poland.

The main issues dealt with by the Commission are:

  • access of elderly people to medical services and long-term care facilities, as well as the quality of care,
  • social activation of elderly people,
  • access of elderly people to consumer and financial services,
  • situation of elderly people in the labour market,
  • care and social security adapted to the needs of elderly people,
  • intergenerational relationships and perception of elderly people in the society, media, public administration.


For the intensification and better quality of work performed, problem-solving teams have been selected from among the Commission members. Also, persons from outside the Commission – prominent  specialists in their fields, are invited to work in teams.

The activity of the Commission of Experts for Elderly People translates into a series of publications. So far, the following have been published:

  • Monograph “Action strategies for the ageing population. Theses and recommendations”,
  • Human rights. Guide for elderly people,
  • Financial services. Guide for elderly people,
  • Work. Guide for elderly people,
  • Work and social security.

The Commission members represent the Human Rights Defender at numerous meetings, debates and conferences. Work in the Commission is performed as community service, the members do not take any remuneration for participation in the meetings.