Letter of Condolence on the death of Mr Mikael Danielyan


Dr. Adam Bodnar sent a letter of condolence on death of Mikael Danielyan to the Ambassador of the Republic of Armenia.  Mikael Danielyan was the President of  Armenian “Helsinki Association” and prominent human rights activist. 


Text of the letter:

Your Excellency,

I was very grieved to receive the sad news about the death of Mr Mikael Danielyan, the President of  Armenian “Helsinki Association” and prominent human rights activist in Armenia.

Mr Mikael Danielyan, known to many his international friends as Mika, has been commonly regarded as the pioneer of human rights activism in Armenia. He was founder and President of the Helsinki Committee of Armenia and has contributed to the establishment of the grounds for civil society and respecting human rights standards.

We all admired his tremendous commitment and readiness to support victims of all forms of the abuse of power and violations of fundamental rights, as well as his huge personal courage to stand for justice and eqality for all. Human rights defenders worldwide who met him or followed his actions were impressed by his wisdom and constant passion to fight for the rights in stright and effective way.

I truly believe that his brave life was inspiration to many human rights defenders and in particular to younger generation of activists not only in Armenia.

I feel extremely honoured by the fact that I knew Mr Mikael Danielyan personally and his passing has left me in deep sadness.