Newsletter Commissioner for Human Rights - 31 January - 6 February 2017

Newsletter  31 January – 6 February 2017


In Paris, the CHR referred to problems of homeless Poles in France [more].

The image of Muslims in the Polish press: how to prevent hate speech and to support publication of reliable information?– a meeting at the CHR Office [more].

The bill amending the Act on the National Council of the Judiciary raises serious doubts regarding the protection of civil liberties and rights. The CHR presented the doubts to the Minister of Justice [more]. The CHR’s opinion was also presented in his statement for the web portal


Important decisions regarding the right to the care allowance for carers of adults with disabilities [more].

Warsaw Police explains: the demonstrators’ images have been published following a verbal instruction of the prosecutor competent for the case, pursuant to the Act on the Police [more].

The scope of journalistic confidentiality was the issue in question in the case of Mr K., in which the CHR was an interested party [more]. In its judgment of 3 February, the Court of Appeal annulled the judgment of the District Court, and referred the case back to the Court for reconsideration [more].

Have war veterans lost their right to use disabled parking spaces? [more].


In connection with the judgment of the Court of Justice of the European Union, relating to data retention, the Commissioner appealed to the Minister of Digitization with regard to the system of access provision to telecommunications data [more]. The CHR also wrote to the Minister of Development and Finance and to the Minister of Internal Affairs and Administration with regard to the issue [more].

The Commissioner raised his doubts with regard to the Central Database of Accounts [more].

The CHR and the Ombudsman for Children write to the Minister of Justice with regard to the establishment of a register of alimony debtors, to be named RUDA [more].

Should bank debts have priority in proceedings by writ of payment? The CHR writes to the Minister of Justice with regard to Article 485(3) of the Code of Civil Procedure [more].

The Commissioner of Human Rights’ position on the access to the Constitutional Tribunal by the media [more].

The CHR and the Ombudsman for Children suggest that alimony debtors should be sentenced to carry out community service [more].

The District Administrative Court’s judgement annulling local authorities’ regulations which prohibited moving into the building purchased for several Roma families [more].

The CHR is of the opinion that the rules of teachers’ participation in religious ceremonies should be made more precise [more].

The CHR’s application to the Minister of Development and Finance regarding the clause against tax evasion [more].

The CHR sends an inquiry to the President of the Board of the Export Credit Insurance Corporation with regard to non-provision of access to public information [more].


Priest Robert Sitarek received the CHR’s badge of honour for his contribution to the protection of human rights [more].

The sixth meeting of the CHR and the Ombudsman for Children’s expert team on the alimony system [more].

The CHR visited the Jacek Kuroń Upper Secondary School in Warsaw [more].

Coroners’ work, local floods and problems of local entrepreneurs were the topics discussed by Adam Bodnar during his visit to the district of Lubań [more].

Deputy CHR Sylwia Spurek met with children waiting to enter Poland in the border town of Brześć [more].

Adam Bodnar among Poland’s 50 most influential Polish lawyers [more]