Newsletter Commissioner for Human Rights in Poland 1 - 5 July 2019

Until the end of my term of office I will defend citizens. CHR Adam Bodnar presented to the Senate committee the Commissioner’s annual report for 2018. He referred to 15 main issues which he considers to be urgent, and five systemic problems that threaten human rights in Poland. [more]

My term is ends in one year and two months. Until then, I will continue to monitor the authorities as I have sworn to do so. I will make use of every day of my term as I am determined to solve people’s real problems, said the CHR.

YOUTH BORN IN TWO CONSECUTIVE YEARS are entering middle schools after the phasing out of gymnasia. Every day I receive information about students who are uncertain whether schools are able to guarantee to them education that is in line with their needs, ambitions and possibilities. Such a difficult situation has not happened in Poland before, wrote Adam Bodnar in his letter to the Ministry of National Education, and emphasized that it resulted from the hasty reform that was not accompanied by thorough analysis of the schools reorganization plan. The CHR requested the Ministry to provide information on activities undertaken to improve students’ situation and rebuild their confidence in the Polish school system.[more]

THE CHR HAS STARTED AN EX-OFFICIO EXPLANATORY PROCEEDING REGARDING prosecutor Mariusz Krasoń’s transfer from Kraków Prosecutor’s Office to the Office in Wrocław. [more]

A joint letter of intervention of the CHR, Ombudsman for Children and Patients’ Ombudsman regarding the poor work of the psychiatric care system for CHILDREN AND YOUTH is expected [more]


  • A court did not discontinue the proceedings under Article 212 of the Penal Code although it was required to do so. The CHR’s statement regarding the journalist. [more]
  • Two contradictory judgments regarding inheritance. The CHR has requested reinstatement of the proceedings (instead of filing a cassation appeal). [details]
  • The CHR’s case won before an administrative court: the right to seek placement in a community supported living home may not be withdrawn. [details]
  • The CHR lost the case before the Constitutional Tribunal, started in 2016. No limit of duration of detention adjudicated by a first-instance court is consistent with the constitution. [details including the case of 30-month imprisonment of football fan Maciej Dobrowolski]
  • The CHR’s cassation appeal regarding a victim of an accident. The second-instance court refused additional compensation to the victim and concluded that the compensation within the liability insurance of the guilty driver is sufficient. The court agreed with the arguments that although the person was guilty of the accident, he will not be able to gather the additional compensation amount. [details]


  • The use of substitutes of natural substances in treatment at health resorts. The CHR writes to the Minister of Health [more]
  • Parents and CHR’s doubts regarding a draft regulation on transport to schools for children with disabilities. [more].
  • The new programme of support for toxic waste removal will not work, writes the CHR to the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management [more]