Newsletter Commissioner for Human Rights in Poland 1-7 August 2017

Newsletter  1- 7 August 2017


The CHR at the 23rd edition of the Przystanek Woodstock festival

The situation with the Supreme Court is a bit as if here, at the Przystanek Woodstock, Jurek Owsiak tried to determine what should be happening at the festival, said Commissioner for Human Rights Adam Bodnar while speaking with judge Jarosław Gwizdak during the “Academy of Truly Fine Arts” at the 23rd edition of the Przystanek Woodstock festival held in Kostrzyń nad Odrą. The conversation concerned, among others, the judicial system reform and citizens’ communication with the justice system [more].

Adam Bodnar and the CHR Office employees opened a stand called “Human Rights Tent” offering numerous workshops, lectures, competitions and educational games. There was also a court trial simulation and, at all times, legal advice was provided by a lawyer from the CHR Office. The tent’s gusts included representatives of numerous institutions and non-governmental organizations, e.g. from the Warsaw District Bar Association, Court Watch Foundation, Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights and Watchdog Polska Civic Network [more].

The Commissioner also opened a football tournament named “Let’s kick racism off football stadiums” [more].

The Commissioner inquires again about the police interventions during public protests in the Białowieża Forest

The inquiry relates to the protests against tree cutting in the area listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO [more]. Before, the local Police Commander from Hajnówka provided explanations regarding actions taken to-date [more].


Homeless shelters offering care services are going to be established, declares the Ministry of Family, Labour and Social Policy

The CHR and members of the Committee for the Prevention of Homelessness have been warning for a long time that regulations which make it impossible to provide care services to dependent persons in homeless shelters cause many problems and hinder assistance provision to persons in greatest need. The situation is going to change [more].

The application for estimating the wage gap between men and women is already working. What does the Ministry of Labour do to promote it? [more].

The Ministry of National Education’s reply regarding the situation of phased-down high school students not promoted to the next grade level [more].

The Ministry of Family, Labour and Social Policy responds to the CHR’s inquiry regarding shelter and support for homeless mothers and children

Within the framework of the For Life programme, local governments will be able to seek additional funding for the development of a network of homes for mothers with young children and pregnant women, including the establishment of new institutions and funding of existing ones [more].

Police Commander-in-Chief replies to the inquiry regarding the police officers dressed as journalists

The Commissioner informed the CHR that the use by police officers of press vests during the football match was caused by a real threat to the health and life of the event’s participants. The situation took place during a June match held in Chorzów. The Commissioner raised objections to such form of Police action [more].

The Minister of Development and Finance on voice identification of taxpayers calling the National Tax Helpline [more].

After the Supreme Audit Office’s report, the Commissioner inquires the Minister of Infrastructure and Construction about irregularities in the work of the vehicle technical inspection system [more].


The Constitutional Tribunal has replied to the CHR’s request for excluding Mariusz Muszyński from the judge panel to rule on the appointment of the three CT judges (case file no. U 1/17). The Commissioner’s request was not accepted by the Tribunal [more].

An intervention to the Minister of Development and Finance regarding tax exemptions for borrowers whose debts are restructured. The intervention concerns, in particular, persons who took loans in Swiss francs [more].

The CHR’s inquiry to the Minister of the Interior and Administration regarding the situation of stateless persons [more].


August 2 is the Day of Roma People Extermination Remembrance. The CHR Office representative took part in the commemorating event at the Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum [more].

“Equal treatment in employment irrespective of gender identity” is the title of the CHR’s latest report [more].

Another group of students starts the internship programme at the CHR Office [more]