Godło RP

Newsletter Commissioner for Human Rights in Poland 10-15 December 2018


2nd CONGRESS ON HUMAN RIGHTS „The power is inside US”: event summary and reports on individual thematic panels are available at the CHR website

A prosecutor’s office has refused to commence proceedings concerning the TV spot of PiS (Law and Justice party). The Commissioner has filed an appeal with a court. (more)

For the last seven months, a Polish citizen has been held in prison in the United Arab Emirates, where he has no decent conditions. The CHR has requested the Minister of Justice of the UAE to verify whether the Polish citizens’ rights are respected. (more)

Redundancies are planned in the Radio Gdańsk station. The Commissioner has doubts concerning the fact that journalists with extensive experience and professional achievements are not allowed to take part in the broadcasted programmes, and that their employment in the public media is planned to be terminated. (more)

As a result of the cassation appeals that were filed by the Commissioner, the Supreme Court is repealing penalties imposed before on people for entering the Białowieża Forest at the time of tree cutting there. (more)

The CHR requested the President of Poland to veto the parliamentary act which too strongly facilitates the operations of power grid owners, at the cost of land owners. The President signed the act. (more)

The Sejm has consented to arresting MP Stanisław Gawłowski upon waiver of his immunity. Adam Bodnar has informed the Speaker of the Sejm of his doubts regarding the matter. (more)

Polish employees in the Netherlands were accommodated in a tent, without basic sanitary facilities. A Polish employee was dismissed because of using the Polish language at work. The Commissioner is examining violations of Polish citizens’ rights in those cases. (more)

Why does the National Council of the Judiciary not allow journalists to attend is conferences? The Commissioner has started a proceeding on the case, following the media reports. (more)

Why have police officers from the District Police Station no. 6 in Warsaw searched the apartment of a journalist of the OKO.press web portal, and confiscated a pen drive with a recording? The CHR has requested the commander of the District Police Station no. 6 in Warsaw for information. (more)

The case of the march in Hajnówka is going to be investigated. The court has accepted the CHR’s appeal. (more)


The CHR’s statement on the 70th anniversary of the adoption of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights. (more)

Adam Bodnar said during the Idea Forum debate held by the Stefan Batory foundation: this is not yet a “counter-offensive against European values”. (more)