Newsletter Commissioner for Human Rights in Poland 14-20 April 2018


The protests of parents of disabled adults have revealed further gaps in the system of support to persons with disabilities. The system requires large-scale corrective action, says the Commissioner for Human Rights. (more)

The judgement of the EU Court of Justice regarding the legality of tree cutting in the Białowieża Forest has indirectly confirmed that the protests against the cutting of trees, and the related legal activities, including those taken by the Commissioner for Human Rights, were justified. (more)

From 16 to 19 April Adam Bodnar held regional meetings in the Kujawsko-Pomorskie voivodeship. He visited Inowrocław, Płużnica, Nakło, Tuchola, Chojnice, Człuchów, Wałcz and Szczecinek. (more)

On the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the outbreak of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, Deputy CHR Hanna Machińska laid a wreath at the Monument to the Ghetto Heroes during the ceremony held by the state authorities. (more)


Internet broadcasts from polling stations pose a threat to the secrecy of voting and the right to the protection of voters’ personal images, pointed out Adam Bodnar. (more)

The CHR has appealed to the Prime Minister to ensure effective legal protection to members of uniformed services and special services who disclose instances of torture of detained persons. (more)

The prohibition to hold the position of a judge by persons who have no Polish citizenship is not consistent with the constitutional principles, believes the CHR. (more)

The Commissioner has appealed to the Minister of Health to urgently regulate the issue of conducting genetic tests. (more)

Adam Bodnar has applied to the Border Guard to look into the practices used at the border crossing in Terespol in relation to foreigners who intend to enter Poland to seek protection against persecution. (more)

The CHR has doubts as to the system of work of police officers from Białystok who work in the 10-hour shift system. (more)

The Commissioner has appealed for citizens’ easier access to the Sejm building. He referred to the case of a TV station team that intended to make a documentary film but was not allowed to take part in the session of a Parliamentary Committee. (more)

The law should specify the deadline for letters and parcels to be delivered to the addressee by the receiver in a bankruptcy proceeding regarding a natural person who does not conduct business activity, says the CHR. (more)


The Internet is a public place, concluded the Supreme Court. It acknowledged the CHR’s cassation appeal in the case of Mateusz S., leader of the association named Duma i Nowoczesność [Pride and Modernity], who was accused of placing indecent pictures in the network. (more)

The Constitutional Tribunal has adjudicated that the possibility to pursue tax claims under the so-called actio Pauliana, provided for in the civil law, is consistent with the Constitution. The application to the Tribunal had been submitted by the CHR. (more)

The Senate will draft its own bill determining the criteria of cost refund to parents for the transport of their children with disabilities to school, as sought by the CHR. (more)


Barbara Imiołczyk and Anna Błaszczak-Banasiak of the CHR Office have been granted the Integralia 2018 awards during the Kraków Integration Days. (more)