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Newsletter Commissioner for Human Rights in Poland 14-20 February 2017

Newsletter  14 -20 February 2017


The Reprivatisation Committee will not solve the problem, but will extend the time of resolving the matters of tenants and former owners: the CHR’s opinion for the Speaker of the Senate [more].

The Commissioner asks the Minister of Culture to take action to amend the Broadcasting Act and the Act on the National Media Council in line with the indications of the Constitutional Tribunal [more].

The Minister of Justice agrees with the CHR on the matter of compensations for families of persons repressed for actions to ensure independent existence of the Polish State [more].

The Minister of Health assures the CHR that he has no intention to get involved in the local programmes of in vitro funding [more].

The Minister of Development and Finance announces measures to assist citizens from whom tax was demanded on debt amounts remitted by Warsaw municipal office [more].


The CHR asks the Minister of Health about changes in medical care standards, including perinatal care standards [more].

The National Broadcasting Council replies to the comments on information materials broadcasted on Wiadomości TVP news and criticizing NGOs [more].

The Commissioner asks the Ministry of Science and Higher Education about recruitment to universities based on the “old” matriculation exams [more].

The Ombudsman for Patients addresses the National Health Fund with regard to the problem of lack of access to legal abortion in the Podkarpackie region [more].

The National Labour Inspectorate verifies the media information that Auchan retail chain employees are required to inform the employer of taking the 500+ child benefit [more].

Irregularities in recruitment procedures at universities which offer courses in medicine and dentistry [more].

The Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development has informed the Commissioner about delays in the making of redistribution payments for 2015[more].


The CHR on lack of equal access to the position of trainee judge [more].

The Commissioner inquires the Minister of Development and Finance about the Act on the National Tax Administration [more].

Application to the Minister of Justice - Attorney General relating to the presence of police officers during prisoners’ meetings with their closest relatives [more].


The 4th debate of the National Preventive Mechanism was held in Szczecin [more].

Polish employers express their readiness to support the joint initiative of the Commissioner for Human Rights and the Ombudsman for Children regarding encouragement of alimony payment [more]