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Newsletter Commissioner for Human Rights in Poland 14 - 20 March 2017

Newsletter  14 – 20 March 2017


US Department of State Report on Human Rights Practices in the world and in Poland

The annual report’s part relating to Poland emphasized that last year, the Polish Parliament passed laws which may have a negative impact on the protection of human rights and the observance of the principles of democracy and the rule of law. In this context, references were made e.g. to: the parliamentary acts on the Constitutional Tribunal, the anti-terrorism act, the act on public assemblies and the act on the media. The authors of the report also relate to the issues of xenophobia, racism, anti-Semitism, corruption, discrimination of women in the labour market, discrimination of national minorities and of LGBTI persons. In addition, the report mentions the reduction of the budget of the Commissioner for Human Rights’ Office [more].

It’s Dębno residents speaking: Adam Bodnar’s Skype meeting with inhabitants of the town of Dębno near Kostrzyn

- It’s you who owns the Constitution and it is in your name the Commissioner for Human Rights seeks respect for human rights, said Adam Bodnar in a meeting with the inhabitants of Dębno in the Zachodniopomorskie region. The meeting was held through Skype. This was the first videoconference held within the programme of the CHR’s regional meetings. The event gathered about a dozen participants – not much fewer than attracted by traditional regional meetings. To ensure the same system as used in traditional meetings, a lawyer from the CHR’s Warsaw office arrived to Dębno to accept individual complaints and discuss problems [more].

How to support persons in mental crisis? Positive examples from local communities

At the conference held in the CHR Office, the National Mental Health Protection Programme was discussed. Inhabitants of Ostrowina, Wieliczka, Gniezno, Wadowice and Wąbrzeźno discussed programmes which they successfully implement in their towns. [more].

The Commissioner’s doubts regarding the newly adopted parliamentary act appointing the property restitution process verification committee are presented to the President

According to the Commissioner, the legislator has established a politically supported body, equipped with unusually strong powers, placed somehow above the common system and taking decisions according to its internal rules. Proceedings before this body are given special priority over proceedings before other state organs. The Committee’s work is, however, going to duplicate the work of already existing institutions. Therefore, it will not streamline the consideration of cases. Moreover, it will contribute to instability of judicial work and to chaos in the competences, which will result in even more lengthy proceedings [more].

Court inspection of increased harvesting of trees in the Białowieża Forest is not possible, decided the Voivodeship Administrative Court in Warsaw in a judgement which is not yet final. The CHR is awaiting written reasoning of the judgement [more].


Adam Bodnar appeals: The implementation of the Apartment Plus programme should take into account the needs of disabled persons, seniors and families with young children [more].

The Minister of Health’s reply regarding the change of legislation on perinatal standards [more].

The Commissioner for Human Rights takes part in a proceeding before the Constitutional Tribunal, relating to a citizen’s claim regarding examination of consistence with the constitution of a decision relating to compensation for property located on the other side of the Bug river [more].

The National Prosecutor's Office will not consider the case of barrels with poisonous substance, found in the town of Brzeg on the Oder river. The case has been forwarded to the Regional Prosecutor's Office in Wrocław [more].

The CHR: Tax unduly returned to a citizen should not be reclaimed in a civil proceeding [more].

The right to a bridging allowance for persons whose work involved exposure to ionizing radiation (X-ray operators) [more].


The Commissioner asks Senators to amend the bill on the so-called extended-scope confiscation [more].

Application to the Minister of Justice regarding the possibility for the aggrieved party to take part in a court session in which a pre-trial order is issued, before a trial is held [more].

The right to read documents in the office of a national-level authority: a gap in the Administrative Procedure Code [more]?.

Application to the Minister of Justice regarding sobriety testing of persons who visit prisoners [more].


Equinet in Warsaw talks about standards for equal treatment bodies [more].

The Commissioner met with students of the Stefania Sempołowska Upper Secondary School in Warsaw [more].

Violence against women – a meeting at the CHR Office [more].


The Commissioner for Human Rights is the patron of honour of:

·         The project Support Network Innovation Generator

·         V National Congress of Young Specialists in Criminal Law

·         „Living Library" project in Zamość

·         VI Congress of Scientific Groups of the Adam Mickiewicz University

·         I Human Rights Festival

·         The conference An overview of legal aspects of multiculturalism in a society

·         „Living Library” project in Jaworzno

·         VI Forum of Oncology Patients „Challenges in Oncology”

·         The competition for the best essay on human rights: Three main human rights – justify your choice

·         „Living Library" project in Oleśnica



The website rpo.gov.pl contains a calendar of the upcoming meetings with the Commissioner for Human Rights and of events held under his patronage.

Information about the Commissioner’s work on cases relating to citizens’ issues is available under the “What we do” tab. An interactive map indicates cases in which the Commissioner has intervened.