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Newsletter Commissioner for Human Rights in Poland 14-20 November 2017

Newsletter  14-20 November 2017


Registration for the First Congress on Civil Rights, to be held on 8-9 December 2017 in Warsaw, is open

The Congress, organized by the Polish Commissioner for Human Rights to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the institution of independent ombudsman in Poland, will consist of 36 panels on key topics relating to human rights in our country. Registration for the panels enjoys large interest. For some of them, there are no more free seats. In total, over 800 persons have declared their interest in taking part in the congress.

[registration, programme, information on the panellists]

The CHR about the march on the Independence Day

The Commissioner inquired the police about their reaction to racist slogans during the March of Independence and about their intervention concerning the anti-fascist picket held on 11 November  [more]. The CHR also submitted an intervention to the District Prosecutor in Warsaw, in which he included an analysis of slogans and symbols (including the Celtic cross) presented by certain participants of the march [more].

What urgent changes are needed in the health care system? The CHR lists the problems in an intervention to the Minister of Health [more].



On 25 November, the campaign 16 Days of Activism to End Violence Against Women was launched. At the CHR Office, a meeting with representatives of non-governmental organizations involved in the event was held [more].

Contacting the family or an attorney? The Commissioner writes to the Minister of Justice with regard to the possibility of making telephone calls by prisoners [more].

The CHR: Pedophilia is a problem which needs to be broadly discussed. Adam Bodnar attended the Break the silence conference on prevention of pedophilia in the Church [more].


The Voivodship Administrative Court in Warsaw issued a judgment regarding the provision, by the Ministry of Justice, of access to public information concerning denunciation of the Convention on preventing violence. The application in the case has been filed by the Polish Association Against Discrimination. The CHR jointed the proceeding. The court ordered the Ministry to consider the application within 14 days [more].

Will professional secrecy of tax advisors, solicitors and lawyers be limited? The Commissioner wrote to the Minister of Finance with regard to draft regulations in this area [more].

The Commissioner proposes to amend the Act on juvenile delinquents. The aim is to regulate e.g.: the use of video surveillance, body search procedures in shelters and correctional institutions for juveniles, and minor mothers’ stay in social rehabilitation institutions [more].

Suspension of the term of penalty: the CHR claims that related proceedings before appeal courts should be held with the convicted persons present [more].


Accessible architecture: Marek Wysocki has been awarded the Dr Maciej Lis Prize [more].

XII regional debate of the National Mechanism for the Prevention of Torture was held in Bydgoszcz [more].

Irena Sendler’s story discussed in the CHR Office [more].

Adam Bodnar attended the conference Challenges for the Polish judicial system on the 100th anniversary of its rebirth [more].

On the rights of children in divorce proceedings: the CHR attended a conference in Gdańsk [more]