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Newsletter Commissioner for Human Rights in Poland 17 - 22 August 2016

Newsletter 17 - 22 August 2016


Taking children away from Poles who live abroad

The Commissioner for Human Rights is looking into the case of a Polish woman who lives in Germany and whose child was taken away from her several days after it was born. The child was taken away from the mother by the German Authority for Children and Youth (Jugendamt).

That was one of many similar cases of which the Commissioner’s Office has been informed in the last years. The Commissioner’s action taken in such cases is described at rpo.gov.pl


Does a teenager have the right to receive public information?

The Commissioner is drafting a cassation appeal regarding the case of Mr Tymon, a minor citizen to whom the Polish Research and Academic Computer Network refused access to public information. The indicated reason of the refusal was the fact that the applicant was under 18 years of age. [more].


Marihuana for medical purposes should be legal?

The Commissioner requested the Minister of Health once again to take a position on the possibility for patients to receive medical marijuana. He has also sent a letter to Tomasz Kalita, former member of Parliament who, as a result of his illness, would like to use this type of therapy [more].

What is happening about the case of the so-called „CIA secret prisons”?

For several years, the Commissioner has been looking into the issue of the so-called "CIA secret prisons" in Poland. At the end of July 2016, the Commissioner received a reply from the Regional Prosecutor's Office in Kraków, which provided information on the latest progress in the investigation [more].

Are random checks of drivers’ sobriety legal?

In an interview for the Super Express daily the Commissioner explains his doubts about the breath tests carried out by the police [more].

Do patients use the possibility of legal abortion?

Patient Ombudsman has submitted to the Commissioner information on access to legal abortion [more].


Will the President state the grounds for the refusal to appoint the judges nominated by the National Council of the Judiciary?

The Commissioner has requested the head of the Office of the President of Poland to provide explanations as to why the President has refused to appoint certain judges nominated by the National Council of the Judiciary [more].

The profession of soil scientist should be regulated - the Ministry of Agriculture shares the opinion of the Commissioner for Human Rights

The Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development has shared the Commissioner’s opinion and agreed that specific legislation is required to determine who, and according to what principles, may determine soil categories. The Commissioner has been pointing to the issue already since 2009. At present, work is on-going on drafting the amendments to the current regulations [more]