Newsletter Commissioner for Human Rights in Poland 19-26 September 2017

Newsletter 19-26  September 2017


The CHR’s regional meetings in the Zachodniopomorskie Voivodeship

 - Four intense days with my team in Szczecin, Stargard, Gryfice, Drawsko Pomorskie, Złocieniec, Czaplinek, Siemczyno and Gryfino. A number of interesting meetings and debates. But also the awareness that there are so many other interesting and important places to visit, to talk with local residents, activists and politicians. Places like Wałcz, Szczecinek, Pyrzyce or Kołobrzeg. Maybe next time? – this way Commissioner for Human Rights Adam Bodnar summarized  the regional meetings that took place in the Zachodniopomirsie Voivodeship [more].

During his trip to Szczecin, the CHR took part in the 1st Multicultural Forum [more]. He saw the work of the HIV/AIDS Consultation and Diagnosis Center [more]. He also spoke during the debate on the Reform of the System of Justice, co-organized by the monthly magazine In Gremio [more]. Adam Bodnar met with students of the Bolesław Chrobry General Secondary School in Gryfice from which he graduated [more]. The Commissioner paid a visit to a damaged Jewish cemetery in Maszewo [more].

On 22 September at the Human Rights Council Zuzanna Rudzińska-Bluszcz, speaking on behalf of the Commissioner for Human Rights, presented the CHR’s position on the recommendations issued by the Council to Poland [more].


The CHR is examining the case of a suicide of a lower secondary school student [more].

Protection against homelessness for apartment owners, including those whose mortgage loans are denominated in Swiss francs  - the Minister of Infrastructure and Construction has replied to the CHR’s inquiry [more].

Abolition of preferential treatment of bank claims: the progress of legislative works regarding the abolition of Article 485(3) of the Code of Civil Procedure. The provision makes it possible for banks to pursue claims in the system of payment orders issued by courts [more].

The case of Mrs Wioleta who has been refused a special health benefit by ZUS although she was trying to save her mother's life

- Please help me. My father turned my family’s life into a living hell. He killed my mother. When I was trying to defend her, he hit me and injured my spinal cord. Today he is in a pre-trial detention centre, in a hospital ward. And I have nothing - wrote twenty-year-old Wioleta to the CHR. The Commissioner requested the municipal social welfare center and ZUS to provide information on the case [more].

The Minister of Health declares: the Plan for rare diseases for the next years has been drafted [more].

If a retirement pension application is filed in June, the pension may be lower by as much as 300 zł – what is the reason? The Commissioner writes to the Minister of Family, Labour and Social Policy [more].

The Commissioner receives complaints regarding assistance provision to adults with autism. The CHR forwarded the matter to the Minister of Family, Labour and Social Policy who presented new solutions [more].

The CHR is investigating the use of direct coercion against female prisoners of the prison in Lublin [more].


The CHR’ intervention regarding a “victim” of the tax relief relating to permanent residence registration - a favorable judgment of the Voivodeshp Administrative Court in Lublin. The proceeding concerned refusal of remission of tax due in connection with annual tax return. The Revenue Office questioned the right to the tax relief, following the sale of the property [more].

The draft statement of withdrawal from the Convention against violence should be considered as public information. The CHR has joined the proceeding before the Voivodeshp Administrative Court [more].

Right to funeral allowance for parents of stillborn children – after the CHR’s intervention, the Sejm started works on the Senate’s amendment to the act [more].

What is the situation of owners of apartments located in buildings owned by a housing co-operative but are built on land not really owned by the cooperative? Is there a need for a a special legal regulation, or will the cooperatives cope with the problem themselves? The Minister of Infrastructure and Construction replies to the CHR’s intervention [more].


Rafał Pankowski awarded with the badge of honour „For contribution to the protection of human rights” [more].

Adam Bodnar took part in the anniversary ceremony of the association of legal counsels [more].

8th Meeting of the Expert Team on Child Maintenance [more].

How to improve the work of family courts? Adam Bodnar attended the 19th Congress of the Association of Polish Family Judges [more].

Visit of representatives of an Armenian NGOs [more].

The 70th anniversary of the Vistula Action was celebrated in Jaworzno [more]