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Newsletter Commissioner for Human Rights in Poland 20 – 26 June 2016

Newsletter 20-26 June 2016


TOPIC OF THE WEEK. Alimony – a topic not only for Father's Day

Close to 300 thousand parents in Poland don't pay child support. Every year several thousand people are convicted for it, approximately 4 thousand people are in prison. It is estimated that the level of debt in respect of persons entitled to maintenance amounts to 10 billion PLN. More about the data collected by the Alimony Team.

Children's Guardian Day: Could guardians represent the interests of the child if the parents are in dispute?

During the celebration of the Children's Guardian Day, dr. Adam Bodnar discussed how the role of a court-appointed guardian should change [learn more].



The Commissioner's motion to the President regarding the anti-terrorist act

The anti-terrorist act raised concerns among many citizens. Therefore, the Commissioner requested the President to examine its constitutionality before the Constitutional Tribunal before signing it. The President signed the act on 22 June [learn more].

Meeting with Cardinal Kazimierz Nycz concerning refugees

Adam Bodnar met with the Metropolitan Archbishop of Warsaw Kazimierz Nycz. The conversation dealt with the situation of refugees in Poland.

The Feast of the Poor

The Commissioner joined the Feast of the Poor organised in the Temple of Divine Providence in Warsaw [learn more].

The Commissioner talks with the representatives of the Muslim community

On 21 June, the Commissioner for Human Rights discussed the dramatic change in the situation of Muslims with the representatives of the Muslim community in Poland [learn more].

World Refugee Day

On the occasion of the World Refugee Day, the Commissioner issued a statement reminding about the individual dimension of the drama of 65 million people who had to flee from their homes [learn more].

The Commissioner talks to students about their problems

The Commissioner, in cooperation with the Independent Student's Association, organised a conference on the problems of students, including discrimination against students from the Erasmus programme [learn more].



Should civil law contracts concluded by the Chancellery of the President be made public?

A citizen wanted to see the register of civil law contracts concluded by the Chancellery of the President, but the Chief of the Chancellery refused to provide information. The case was considered by the administrative court in a proceeding joined by the Commissioner. The Voivodeship Administrative Court upheld the arguments and referred the case back to reconsideration [learn more].

Apartments as collateral in fraudulent loans – the Commissioner asks for National Chamber of Civil Law Notaries' statement

Mrs. Janina wanted to make an apartment secured loan. The agreement that she received to sign before a notary was, de facto, a contract for selling the apartment for a very low price. Since the Commissioner receives a lot of information about such infringements, he proposed to record signings of notary deeds. It is important to protect the status of the profession of notary [learn more].

Employees of the Institute of National Remembrance (IPN) can join trade unions

IPN employees and prosecutors were granted the right of association in trade unions, as the Commissioner postulated.  Therefore, the Commissioner withdrew his request to declare the previous provisions unconstitutional from the Constitutional Tribunal [learn more].



The deadline for the submission of appeals in criminal cases will not be extended

The Minister of Justice agreed with the Commissioner on the issue of the deadline for filing an appeal in particularly complex and voluminous criminal cases. However, at the moment there are no plans to change the legislation in this area [learn more].

Minister announces a reform of the payment information exchange system

The Ministry of Development is planning to amend the Act on Disclosure of Business Information and Exchange of Business Data – in response to the Commissioner's motion [learn more].

Solidarity tax obligation in agricultural tax and property tax

There will be no changes in the tax law to address the fact that tax authorities present an unfavourable position as regards the tax obligation in agricultural tax and property tax [learn more].

What's with VAT on investments related to the protection of marine environment?

The matter of VAT on investments related to the protection of coastlines and coastal areas will be decided before the Supreme Administrative Court. The Voivodeship Administrative Court did not share the Commissioner's concerns [learn more].

Protection of personal data and the publication of cause lists

Although the rules for drawing up court cause lists have changed as of 2015, according to the Commissioner the problem still has not been adequately resolved. The Commissioner once more approached the Minister of Justice in this matter [learn more].



The Police should have more drug tests

The Police does not have enough drug tests to check all participants of road accidents. The Commissioner requested the Ministry of the Interior and Administration to find money for this purpose [learn more].

The Commissioner's statement regarding the 40th anniversary of the Events in Radom

We will give a greater meaning to their struggle by building a better, more just world, in which the law and human dignity are respected – wrote the Commissioner for Human Rights on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the Events in Radom [learn more].

How to increase women's participation in elections?

The Commissioner once more drew attention to the lack of educational and promotional activities directed to potential female candidates and the lack of in-depth analysis of barriers to women's candidacy in elections [learn more].

The Council of the EU on equal treatment

The Council of the European Union adopted Conclusions on equal treatment based on sex and Conclusions on equal treatment of LGBTI persons [learn more].



The Commissioner visits Darłowo

On 8-9 July the Commissioner for Human Rights will participate in the "Media and Arts" Festival in Darłowo [learn more].

Honorary doctorate of the University of Warsaw for prof. Ewa Łętowska

Prof. Ewa Łętowska, the first Commissioner for Human Rights, received an honorary doctorate from the Rector of the University of Warsaw [learn more].

The Commissioner's congratulations for prof. Wiktor Osiatyński

The Polish Confederation of Private Employers Lewiatan has honoured prof. Wiktor Osiatyński with the Barbara Skarga Award for Bold Thinking. The Commissioner wrote a congratulatory letter to the winner [learn more].

The oath of Warsaw's solicitors and barristers

Adam Bodnar participated in the oath ceremony of Warsaw's solicitors [learn more]. Deputy Commissioner Sylwia Spurek took part in the ceremony for young barristers [learn more].

Central European University Award for Adam Bodnar

On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the Central European University in Budapest, the university has honoured 25 distinguished alumni, including Adam Bodnar [learn more].

The Commissioner for Human Rights in social media

We invite you to watch and subscribe to the channel of the Commissioner for Human Rights on YouTube. There you will find, among others, reports from regional meetings and conversations with employees of the Office of the Commissioner. We also encourage you to visit the profile of Regional Meetings with the Commissioner for Human Rights on Facebook.