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Newsletter Commissioner for Human Rights in Poland 20 - 26 September 2016


The CHR declares cooperation with government authorities as concerns protection of Polish nationals working abroad

As a response to Adam Bodnar’s address, his British counterpart – David Isaac – head of the Equality and Human Rights Commission - presented an Action Plan aiming to protect foreigners in the UK against hatred-motivated attacks. This news was forwarded by the CHR to the Prime Minister Beata Szydło [read more].


2nd Congress of Persons with Disabilities

„Thinking about people with disabilities should first of all involve day-to-day work for the sake of deinstitutionalization, vocational rehabilitation, participation and inclusion” said Adam Bodnar during the 2nd Congress of Persons with Disabilities, which was held in Warsaw. In the course of the Congress, the Commissioner awarded diplomas to Ambassadors of the Convention on the rights of Persons with Disabilities [read more].

Training for senior citizens

Centre for Legal Education by the Polish Bar Association Council signed a memorandum of agreement with Polish Federation of Associations of Universities of the Third Age on training their senior students in law and finance. Senior-Friendly Law is a training programme organized under the auspices of Commissioner for Human Rights for those attending Universities of the Third Age [information about the programme and press conference footage]

PESEL data base leak– GIODO responds to CHR

„Bailiffs’ offices which submitted the biggest number of queries to the PESEL data base are going to be audited” informed the General Inspector for Personal Data Protection (GIODO) in response to CHR’s intervention. [read more].

Following the CHR intervention the Senate is going to address victims of the 1990s’ accidents

The Senate Commission for Human Rights, Law and Order and Petitions approved starting an initiative to solve the problem of full payment of guaranteed sum in case of mandatory civil liability vehicle insurance. The matter was addressed by the CHR following his meeting with a victim of an accident in 1990s. [read more].

The CHR appeals against the Minister’s decision on logging in the Białowieża Forest

In the CHR’s opinion, prior to issuing the decision the Minister of Environment failed to duly consider all the emerging doubts related with plans to increase the logging of the Białowieża Forest. This is why the CHR filed his objection against the decision to the Provincial Administrative Court [read more].

Senators approve of initiative concerning retirement pensions for women born in 1953

The Senate Commission for Human Rights, Law and Order and Petitions passed a Resolution on an initiative concerning amendment of rules for fixing the amount of common retirement pension for people born after 1948 who benefited from early retirement pension. The CHR has been highlighting this issue for a long time [read more].

Parents of still-born children whose sex cannot be determined could receive a funeral payment

Senators decided to extend the category of beneficiaries of funeral payment to include parents of still-born children whose sex cannot be determined. This was one of the CHR interventions started upon complaints received from public [read more].

Results of audit conducted at Terespol check point

On 11 August 2016 representatives of the Office of the CHR conducted an unexpected audit at a railway border crossing in Terespol. Results are available at www.rpo.gov.pl


Why did the President fail to appoint judges?

The Chief of the President’s Administration explained to the CHR why the President had refused to appoint 10 judges nominated by the Polish Council of the Judiciary [read more].

Problems encounter by people suffering from mental disorders when contacting the police

Actions have been under way among the police staff to facilitate police interventions with respect to people suffering from mental disorders” wrote Deputy Minister of Interior and Administration in response to CHR intervention [read more]. This problem was also included in the agenda of a seminar organized by Office of the CHR [read more].

How about post-prison support for leaving offenders?

„The Minister of Justice does not provide for any amendments of regulations concerning post-prison support  for leaving offenders” – this is a response to the CHR intervention in this respect [read more].


Professor Eleonora Zielińska awarded for merits in the protection of human rights

One can honestly say that the professor is a visionary in the domain of law and human rights” - said  Sylwia Spurek, Commissioner for Human Rights in her eulogy in praise of professor Eleonora Zielińska, who was awarded a CHR badge of honour „For Merits in the Protection of Human Rights” [read more].

Freedom of media according to OSCE representative

Freedom of media in Poland was a chief topic of a conversation between Adam Bodnar and Dunja Mijatović – OSCE Representative on Media Freedom [read more].

Seminar with participation of Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights

„Judiciary in Poland – reflections based on the report of Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights” is a title of a seminar which was held in Office of the Commissioner for Human Rights featuring the author of the report Nils  Muižnieks [read more].

UN Representative visiting CHR’s Office

Professor Malcolm Evans – Chairman of UN Subcommittee on Prevention of Torture was Adam Bodnar’s guest. Their conversation focused on the rights of prisoners and operations of the National Preventive Mechanism [read more].

OSCE about the problem of remand abuse

The Problem of remand abuse was one of discussion topics during Human Dimension Implementation Meeting held in Warsaw. CHR Adam Bodnar participated in the debate [read more].

Deputy Commissioner at Poznań Pride Week 2016

Social and personal consequences of a lack of regulations concerning same-sex relationships and effective protection against discrimination” is a title of a discussion held on 24 September in Poznań, with the participation of Deputy Commissioner for equal treatment Ms. Sylwia Spurek [read more].

Meeting with representative of the US Department of State

Commissioner for Human Rights Adam Bodnar had a meeting with Tom Malinowski, US Assistant Secretary of State for Democracy, Human Rights and Labour [read more].

Congress of Chairs of Administrative Law and Administrative Procedure with CHR participation

The quality of work of administrative bodies has impact on civil rights observance and on the trust the people vest with the state” said Adam Bodnar during the first Congress of Chairs of Administrative Law and Administrative Procedure, which was held in Zakopane [read more].

European solidarity debate

Adam Bodnar took part in the 16th international conference on „The role of the catholic church in European integration process”. This year the debate was dedicated to European solidarity [read more].

Troubled Teen Centres

Deputy Commissioner Krzysztof Olkowicz took part in the 7th Congress of Heads of Troubled Teen Centres [read more].

Former Azeri political prisoner visits CHR

Anar Mammadli – human rights activist in Azerbaijan and a former political prisoner was CHR’s guest.  The meeting was also attended by Nils Muižnieks, Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights and Anna Zamejc, a journalist specializing in Azerbaijan issues [read more]