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Newsletter Commissioner for Human Rights in Poland 21-27 February 2017

Newsletter  21-27 February 2017


"Hate speech, contemptuous speech" – report presentation

Over 95% of young people come across hate speech on the Internet. Poles more and more often hear anti-Muslim and anti-Semitic statements on television, and they tolerate hate speech relating to gays and lesbians. A comprehensive study conducted by scientists from the University of Warsaw’s Centre for Research on Prejudice describes changes in hate speech in Poland since 2014. The report, which was developed in cooperation with the Batory Foundation, was presented on 27 February at the CHR Office [more, and press conference video]. On the following day, the CHR organized a meeting for politicians and representatives of the Muslim community in Poland (the meeting was attended by delegates of most parties represented in the Polish Parliament and in the European Parliament) [meeting report].

The CHR writes to the Minister of Health with regard to emergency contraception, conscientious objection and sex education

The government has adopted a bill according to which e.g. ellaOne tablets (a form of so-called emergency contraception) will be available on prescription only.

- Without undermining the legal grounds for the change, I would like to draw your attention to the consequences of limiting access to such contraception. We should take into account the quality of sex education in Poland and problems with access to gynaecologists, said Adam Bodnar in his letter to the Minister of Health [more].

The CHR’s opinion on amendments to the Act on granting protection to foreigners in the territory of Poland

The CHR presented his comments on the draft amendment to the Act on granting protection to foreigners in the territory of Poland. Given that the introduced changes are justified by the situation on the Polish eastern border, the CHR related to the situation in his opinion [more].

The CHR’s regional meetings in the Opolskie voivodeship

From 21 to 23 February, Commissioner for Human Rights Adam Bodnar held meetings with residents from the Opolskie voivodeship. He visited: Brzeg, Nysa, Krapkowice, Kędzierzyn-Koźle and Opole. Many of the discussed issues related to the work of courts and to conflicts caused by local authorities’ decisions which were not sufficiently consulted with local communities. The rights and dignity of senior persons were discussed with senior local citizens’ councils in Prudnik, Głubczyce and Głuchołazy [more]. Adam Bodnar also met with Archbishop Alfons Nossol [more].

Already after returning to Warsaw, the CHR contacted Attorney General and the head of the Internal Security Agency about the toxic waste landfill of which he was informed in the meeting in Brzeg [more].


What is going to happen with parents who take care of their children at hospitals? The Ministry of Health replies to the CHR’s letter [more].

The court in Bydgoszcz issued a judgement: parking fees charged in Bydgoszcz for parking on Saturdays were illegal [more].

The CHR: queues for medical consultations may be shortened through employing doctors from abroad [more].

Do polling stations already meet the requirements of the law in terms of adjustment to the needs of voters with disabilities? The case from Nowe Miasteczko [more].

What can be done when it is impossible for a citizen just before retirement to submit a certificate of employment and salary (form no. ZUS Rp-7), issued by his/her former employer, but the certificate is required for calculating the retirement benefit? Can the CHR help? [more].

Emergency Departments at hospitals in Wrocław: further information on the Commissioner’s intervention regarding patients waiting in ambulances for admission to a hospital [more].


The Commissioner's application to the Constitutional Tribunal with regard to the deadline for seeking compensation for limitation of the powers to manage real estate located within protected areas [more].

The Minister of Health includes a solution proposed by the CHR in the amendment to the Act on Mental Health Protection [more].

The CHR’s statement prior to the Constitutional Tribunal’s ruling on pre-school education of children of foreign service employees [more].

An application to the Minister of Development and Finance regarding customs officers’ classification as civil service employees not uniformed service employees [more].

The system of supervision over associations: the CHR writes to the Minister of the Interior and Administration [more].


Bioethical issues discussed at the CHR Office. A scientific seminar containing a presentation of the monograph Human rights and bioethics: selected aspects [more].

A conference on problems of senior persons suffering from depression [more].

The CHR expert gives a lecture in Częstochowa within the information campaign on loans in Swiss francs [more].

The CHR meets with a delegation of Reporters Without Borders [more]