Godło RP

Newsletter Commissioner for Human Rights in Poland 23-30 March 2018



The situation of Mr Tomasz Komenda who spent 18 years in prison should not have happened. CHR Adam Bodnar has specified 9 categories of grounds for convicting innocent people. (more)

In Poland, there is an increase in prejudice towards the Ukrainian minority and migrants from Ukraine, but the Polish economy is already inextricably reliant on workers from that country, according to the statements made during the Polish-Ukrainian conference at the CHR Office. (more)

A larger number of judgments of the European Court of Human Rights will be translated into Polish: stipulates an agreement between the CHR, the professional associations of lawyers and legal advisors, the Institute of Law Studies of the Polish Academy of Sciences and seven law offices. (more)

The CHR has criticized the impossibility to undergo a legal abortion in some regions of Poland and the lack of full access to contraceptives.  (more)

From March 20 to 23, Adam Bodnar took part in regional meetings in the łódzkie voivodeship (in Łęczyca, Sieradz, Wieluń, Bełchatów, Radomsko and Tomaszów Mazowiecki). (more)


The CHR calls for faster payment of family benefits, including the 500+ child benefit, that are covered by EU regulations on the coordination of social security systems. The issue concerns families left by one of the parents who now works legally in another EU country. (more)

Persons with disabilities should not be required to present in person, at a post office, documents confirming that they are exempted from radio and TV subscription fees: Adam Bodnar’s intervention submitted to the minister of infrastructure. (more)

The Ministry of Justice is working on a project concerning the development of a publicly available register of persons who persistently fail to pay child maintenance. The development of such a register has been postulated by the Commissioner for a long time. (more)


An ophthalmologist who refused to see a blind female patient guided by a dog has to pay one thousand zlotys of damages to the patient and 10 thousand zlotys for a public benefit activity: the court in Kraków issued a final judgment in the case initiated by the CHR’s claim. (more)

The District Court in Limanowa has dismissed the CHR’s motion requesting the annulment of the judgment on eviction of the Roma people from one of the town’s buildings. The Commissioner is going to appeal against the decision. (more)

The Supreme Court has ruled that it is possible to appeal against a prohibition issued by the head of a voivodeship government to hold gatherings opposing another public assembly, and that such appeals may also be examined after the assembly date. (more)


Overcrowded primary schools, deteriorating conditions for education, insufficient attention paid to young people’s opinions and the lack of anti-discrimination education were the subjects discussed during a seminar held at the CHR Office. (more)