Newsletter Commissioner for Human Rights in Poland 25 April - 8 May 2017

Newsletter  25 April – 8 May 2017


Psychiatrists, patients and citizens all seek a change: Adam Bodnar at the 1st Mental Health Congress

The Commissioner said that public policies should be developed based on expert knowledge, international experience and research results, rather than on myths and superstitions. In each case, support should be extended not only to the person with a mental health problem, but also to his/her community and family members [more]. The problems of mentally ill persons, their families and doctors were also discussed at a press conference held at the CHR Office [more].

Regional meetings in the Wielkopolskie and Pomorskie voivodeships

From 25 to 27 April, Commissioner for Human Rights Adam Bodnar held meetings with residents of the Wielkopolskie voivodeship. He visited: Kalisz, Leszno, Zbąszyń, Poznań and Gniezno.

The meetings also provided an opportunity to discuss the model of community support to elderly persons [more]. The Commissioner visited the Family Initiatives Centre in Poznań [more]. In Zduny, he spoke about support to victims of domestic violence [more]. The CHR also visited the PCPR Crisis Intervention Centre in Krotoszyn [more]. In Kalisz, he learned about the experience of the innovative Autism Diagnosis and Therapy Centre named "Nowa Nadzieja" [more].

The visit to the Wielkopolskie province was also an opportunity to meet with high school students in Kalisz and in Poznań.

Next regional meetings will take place from 15 to 17 May in Pomerania. The spokesman will visit Gdynia, Gdańsk and Malbork [meetings schedule and registration form].

70th anniversary of the Operation Vistula [Polish: Akcja Wisła]

On 28 April 1947, the large scale action of forced resettlement of Ukrainians and Lemkos, Polish citizens, from the south-eastern provinces of Poland to the north-west region of the country started. In three months, over 140,000 persons were resettled. Some of them were transported to the Central Labour Camp in Jaworzno, in which 160 persons died a result of hunger, illnesses and torture.

On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of those events, the Commissioner for Human Rights issued a statement [more]. He also took part in the ceremony held in Przemyśl [more]. The CHR’s representative attended a similar ceremony in Gorlice [more]. Adam Bodnar was also a panellist at the Operation Vistula conference organized by the Institute of Political Studies of the Polish Academy of Sciences [more].

I am not a politician / The CHR’s statement in connection with Mariusz Błaszczak, Minister of the Interior’s comment on the CHR’s activities

- Once again I have to emphasize: I am not a politician, I am not fighting for power and for political positions. I am implementing the statutory mission of the Commissioner for Human Rights, as determined in the constitution. And in this role I attempted to explain the circumstances of the use, by the Border Guard, of direct coercion measures against three persons in the guarded centre for foreigners in Biała Podlaska, stressed Adam Bodnar after a press conference in which the Minister of the Interior and Administration accused the CHR of “attacks against the Polish Border Guard and the Police” [more]. More information about the CHR’s inspection regarding the events in Biała Podlaska can be found at

The illegal waste landfills in Brzeg and Pogorzel have been closed down, informs Deputy Regional Prosecutor in Wrocław. The CHR intervened about the landfills after his regional meeting in Brzeg, held in February this year [more].

The Commissioner does not agree with the rejection of his complaint against tree cutting in the Białowieża Forest, and files a cassation appeal to the Supreme Administrative Court [more].


Women should have access to effective pain relief in childbirth. The Commissioner writes to the Minister of Health [more]. Also, the CHR intervenes again with regard to access to emergency contraception [more].

The Commissioner considers the draft regulation of the Ministry of Education on individual education [more].

There will be no tax on remitted rents [more].

Court’s accessibility for persons with disabilities [more].

The Commissioner writes to the head of the Ministry of the Interior and Administration with regard to dismissals, from managerial positions, of persons who were once employed by the former Milicja Obywatelska [Civic Militia] [more].

When may passengers expect the change of personal data placed on travel cards? [more].

The issue of Lenten spiritual exercises should be regulated, writes the CHR to the Ministry of National Education [more].

The Sejm shared the CHR’s position regarding eviction from Police-owned apartments: a case before the Constitutional Tribunal [more].

Principles of the new core curriculum of human rights and anti-discrimination education [more].

Proceeding regarding annulment of guardianship: an individual case [more].

The Supreme Audit Office replies to the CHR’s inquiry regarding the effectiveness of enforcing alimony payments [more].

The Ministry of Justice has not responded to the CHR’s inquiry regarding family law [more].


Owners of land plots crossed by municipal water supply pipelines may demand the establishment of easement of transmission, and demand compensation for the use of their property from the municipalities [more].

The Constitutional Tribunal’s next judgment regarding domestic violence and discrimination against women [more].

Progress of the changes in legislation on housing cooperatives: the Minister of Infrastructure and Construction explains [more].

The Police’s access to telecommunications and internet data: how will Poland approach the valid judgment of the EU Court of Justice? – a reply by the Ministry of the Interior and Administration [more].

Repair of damage done as a result of a crime – the CHR’s cassation appeal [more].

Minister of Development and Finance on the enforcement of due tax amounts by way of civil proceedings – a reply to the CHR’s inquiry [more].

Why do we still have problems with the implementation of the Equal Treatment Act? The CHR writes to the Government Plenipotentiary for Civil Society and Equal Treatment [more].

On 26April, the Supreme Court considered the CHR’s legal questions regarding penalties for non-payment of alimony [more].

Application to Government Plenipotentiary for Persons with Disabilities, regarding problems in the application of certain provisions of the Act implementing certain European Union regulations on equal treatment [more].

The Commissioner writes to the Minister of the Interior and Administration about the need to amend Article 156 of the Code of Administrative Procedure [more].

The Supreme Court has answered the CHR’s legal question regarding parole [more].


Death of professor Wiktor Osiatyński, one of the greatest representatives of contemporary humanities, and a co-author of the Polish constitution [more].

The CHR’s badge of honour for brigadier Daniel Dryniak [more].

A study visit by a delegation of the Ombudsman office from Azerbaijan [more].

Human Rights Watch representatives visited the CHR Office [more].

A visit of a delegation from Thailand [more].

Deputy CHR at the 1st Congress of Heads of Regional Boards of the NSZZ trade union of the Police [more].

The state is under the obligation to counteract homelessness: Stanisław Trociuk at the 2017 Housing Forum [more].

The closing gala of the 1st Festival of Human Rights in Kędzierzyn-Koźle attended by the CHR representative [more]