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Newsletter Commissioner for Human Rights in Poland 26-31 July 2017

Newsletter  26-31 July 2017


Commander-in-Chief of the Police explains what happened with persons who witnessed Igor Stachowiak's detention in the Wrocław market square. The young man died in a police station after being tortured by a paralyser gun [more].


The Commissioner filed a lawsuit in the name of a blind person who was refused an ophthalmology consultation because of being accompanied by a guide dog. The court took into account the CHR’s arguments and adjudicated damages for infringed patient’s rights [more].

Will teachers lose their jobs in connection with the education system reform? The Ministry of National Education replies to the CHR’s inquiry [more].

The Commissioner writes to the Minister of Health with regard to the need to provide psychological support to patients who undergo genetic tests [more].

The Minister of the Interior and Administration is replies to the CHR’s appeal regarding the insufficient number of water rescuers [more].

Should physicians be entitled to the refund of lawyers’ costs in disciplinary proceedings? The CHR writes to the President of the National Medical Council [more].

The CHR on the availability of ophthalmology procedures [more].

The Commissioner is examining the case of High School Complex No. 5 in Rybnik-Niedobczyce, left by a transsexual student

The school was strongly criticized. Its students defend the school, and the headmaster disagrees with the attacks and accusations that the change of gender was the reason for which the student left the school [more].

After the Commissioner's intervention, the City Council of Kowary has changed the rules of rental of council-owned premises [more].


The CHR: there are no regulations governing situations of death of a member of a doctoral dissertation assessment committee [more].

The Supreme Court’s ruling important for debtors: fees charged by bailiffs may not be increased by VAT [more].

Internal rules and regulations of penitentiary facilities are non-compliant with the law: the Commissioner writes to the Head of the Prison Service

This relates to aspects such as telephone contacts, rules of meetings with prisoners, and access to water on hot days [more]. In his intervention to the Minister of Justice, the CHR also pointed out the necessity to change the regulations on summer-season clothes for prisoners [more].

The Supreme court agrees with the CHR: a citizen may demand amendment of an entry in a land and mortgage register, even if other persons to be indicated in the entry are not interested [more].


A summary of the July apprenticeship programme in the CHR Office [more]