Newsletter Commissioner for Human Rights in Poland 26-31 October 2017

Newsletter 26 -31 October 2017


- The Polish system of justice is under threat, finds UN expert

- The independence of Poland’s judicial system and other crucial democratic standards like the tripartite division of powers are under threat, stated UN Special Rapporteur Diego García-Sayán after his official mission to Poland that took place from 23 to 27 October 2017. The Special Rapporteur will present a comprehensive report of his findings and recommendations to the Human Rights Council in Geneva in June 2018. [more]. During his visit to Poland, the UN representative met, inter alia, with Commissioner for Human Rights Adam Bodnar [more].

The CHR’s meetings in Suwałki

The Commissioner visited Suwałki for the second time already. The meeting concerned e.g. problems experienced by persons with disabilities and their carers, the work of wind turbines, the rights of young mothers and the situation of persons suffering of Alzheimer’s disease [more]. On the occasion of his visit to Suwałki, the Commissioner also met with students of the Technical Schools Complex [more] and with grade-three pupils from the city’s Primary School no. 7 [more].


The CHR appeals to the Minister of Health for introducing maximum working time limits for medical personnel [more].

In connection with media reports, the Commissioner is looking into the issue of mobbing and sexual harassment in the Military Police [more].

There is no requirement to arrive in person to meet with a bailiff, having received a request from him/her. The Minister of Justice agrees with the Commissioner [more].

The CHR: there are no systemic solutions in the field of community support for parents with disabilities who meet serious obstacles in performing their parental duties [more].

The Commissioner has submitted an intervention to  the Minister of Family, Labour and Social Policy with regard to measures for the protection of the rights of senior persons [more].

May a person who is 75 or older receive a care allowance together with a care benefit? [more].

The problem of tax on property gifted to foster children: amendment to the Act on Tax on Inheritance and Gifts is required [more].

The World Psoriasis Day

In Poland, several hundred thousand people suffer of psoriasis. On 29 October, on the occasion of the World Psoriasis Day the CHR stressed that stigmatization of this group of citizens should be prevented [more].]. The Commissioner also forwarded to the Minister of Health the opinions of organizations supporting patients affected by psoriasis [more].


The CHR inquires about the possibility of introducing regulations on the use of stun guns by Border Guard officers [more].

The Commissioner has doubts about the system of assigning cases to judges who are absent from work [more].

The role of medical personnel in counteracting ill and degrading treatment of persons deprived of their liberty [more].

There is no statutory definition of income to be taken into account by municipalities in the consideration of municipal housing applications. Some municipalities take into account the 500+ child benefit. In the CHR’s opinion, this creates unjustified differences in meeting citizens’ housing needs [more].

The Commissioner on the obligation to record actions carried out as part of criminal proceedings [more].

There is no time limit for claiming customs duties that became due before 1 May 2004. The CHR has submitted an intervention with regard to the issue to the Minister of Development and Finance [more].


„For independent living”: the CHR attended the Third Congress of Persons with Disabilities [more].

XI regional debate of the National Mechanism for the Prevention of Torture was held in Kraków [more].

Janina Ochojska was awarded the Architect of Development prize in the category Helping in Need, Human Rights. The laudatory speech was delivered by Adam Bodnar [more]