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Newsletter Commissioner for Human Rights in Poland 27 June - 2 July 2017

Newsletter  27 June – 2 July 2017


The CHR on the planned judiciary reform: it will not improve the work of the courts and it will prejudice the interests of ordinary people

- I am aware that the judiciary system is in need of reform. Yet, the bill on which the Sejm is currently working is not going to improve the situation. Its adoption will subordinate the courts to political authorities, thus limiting people’s right to court and to a fair trial. The results will affect ordinary people (in cases such as road accident involving a politician’s car; claims against the State Treasury; dismissal from a politically-dependent institution; decision to release a person against the prosecutor's opinion, etc.).

This was the position presented by Commissioner for Human Rights Adam Bodnar to the Speaker of the Sejm. I am convinced that the bill in this form should not be adopted, he wrote. He also indicated specific aspects of the Polish judiciary system which need improvement and which are not covered by the bill [more].

The Commissioner will look into the case of Lublin Police officers’ reaction to the reported insulting of a teenage Muslim girl who, together with a group of German youth, came to Poland to learn about the history of persecution and extermination of Jews

The teenager was spat at on the main street of Lublin. According to media reports, police officers who were nearby laughed when they were asked to intervene. Unfortunately, according to media reports, this was not the only situation of insulting the participants of the trip to Poland. The CHR will try to determine the circumstances of the other incidents described by the media [more].

The Commissioner intervened in the case of a street demonstration in Radom, whose participants were attacked by political opponents [more].

The CHR requested Commander-in-Chief of the Police to submit further explanations regarding the case of Igor Stachowiak

The Commissioner inquired, inter alia, when the recording from the taser was secured, when it was forwarded to the prosecutor’s office and what were the circumstances of detaining the witnesses of the situation in the market square in Wrocław [more, including a video with the CHR’s statement]. The CHR also called for amendment of the regulations on the use of paralyser guns [more].

How to promote the use of social clauses in public procurement: a conference organized jointly by the CHR Office and the Public Procurement Office [more].

On passengers who are not allowed to board airplanes: the CHR’s intervention to the Civil Aviation Office and the Office for Competition and Consumer Protection regarding the problem of overbooking [more].


The education system reform: what will happen to students who did not get promotion to the next grade? [more].

The rights of parents unable to maintain contact with their children because they are blocked by the other parent: the Minister of Justice sees no need for amending the regulations [more].

How long may a person stay in a psychiatric facility? The Commissioner writes to the Minister of Health [more].

A senior citizen’s request to the Commissioner for assistance regarding her apartment [more].

Compulsory mortgage in error: a successful intervention of the Commissioner [more].

The Commissioner writes to the Prime Minister with regard to access to files on the security screening procedure concerning an officer of the Foreign Intelligence Agency [more].

The CHR responds to the petition regarding the printer from Łódź [more].


Doubts regarding recently amended provisions on failure to pay child maintenance [more].

The Prosecutor General supports the CHR’s opinion on the constitutional appeal lodged by a disabled child’s parents with regard to provisions on reimbursement of costs of transport to school [more].

The Russian legislation prohibiting promotion of homosexuality violates the freedom of expression and is discriminatory [more].


A seminar entitled Selected aspects of human rights and bioethics. The rights of a dying patient was held at the CHR Office [more].

The Commissioner for Human Rights’ Social Committee expressed its position on the attempt to use a part of Adam Bodnar’s statement on TVP Info for the purpose of depreciating his overall activity supporting the citizens [more].

Adam Bodnar attended the oath taking ceremony for Warsaw legal counsels [more].

The CHR representatives inspected the National Centre for the Prevention of Dissocial Behaviours in Gostynin [more].

The Commissioner’s meeting at the Regional Bar Council in Bydgoszcz [more].

Good penitentiary administration - one standard for all; a seminar with the participation of the CHR representatives [more].

A meeting with representatives of the Foundation for University Legal Advice Centres and Law Clinics [more].

Winners of the Lower-Level High School Competition in Civic Education took part in a workshop in the CHR Office [more].

On the culture of rule of law. The Commissioner met with participants of the School of Leaders [more].

The CHR took part in the Summer School of Civic Education [more].

The Commissioner for Human Rights’ representative participated in the 11th National Assembly of Delegates of the Polish Army Soldiers Association in Włoclawek [more].




The website rpo.gov.pl contains a calendar of the upcoming meetings with the Commissioner for Human Rights and of events held under his patronage.

Information about the Commissioner’s work on cases relating to citizens’ issues is available under the “What we do” tab. An interactive map indicates cases in which the Commissioner has intervened.