Newsletter Commissioner for Human Rights in Poland 27 September - 3 October 2017

Newsletter 27 September  - 3 October 2017


The case of Agnieszka Pysz who died in a pre-trial detention centre in Warsaw

For the CHR, the death of AgnieszkaPysz is among the main cases examined this year, said Commissioner for Human Rights Adam Bodnar at a press conference held after the case had been described by the web portal In June 2017, the woman died in the pre-trial detention centre in the Grochów district of Warsaw. She was 38. In her case, there were many omissions on the side of the Prison Service and its supervising authorities (the minister responsible for supervision over the Prison Service is Deputy Minister of Justice Patryk Jaki). The Commissioner has started the explanatory proceeding [more].

Adam Bodnar attended the celebrations of the 100th anniversary of the Supreme Court. The Court’s history is a history of building our state, institutional stability, laws and regulations, authority and people’s characters [more].

The CHR on the standards of hearings before the so-called Verification Commission

The CHR Office receives complaints from persons called to appear, in various roles, before the so-called Verification Commission on Property Restitution in Warsaw. The main reason for the complaints is the failure to follow the standards of interrogation. The Commissioner has written to Deputy Minister of Justice Patryk Jaki who is the chairman of the Commission  [more].


On the International Day of the Deaf, the CHR wrote to the Minister of Education about the situation of children of deaf parents [more]. On that day, the Commissioner also took part in the opening ceremony of a multifunctional sports hall for young people from the Deaf Education and Training Centre in Wejherowo [more].

Polish-German cooperation in family court proceedings, in particular those with the participation of Jugendamt. The Ministry of Justice responds to the CHR’s intervention [more].

The Commissioner writes to the Minister of Health on the pharmacists’ conscientious objection [more].

A 96-year-old man no longer has to pay for using a level crossing located on his only way home: the effective intervention of the Commissioner [more].

The case of a citizen’s erroneous detention by the Central Anti-Corruption Bureau

CBA officers from Wrocław detained a person whom they considered suspected of irregularities regarding the construction of a national-class road. However, the detained man had nothing to do with the construction but only had a similar name to the actual suspect. After the media publications, the CHR requested the head of the CBA to explain the situation [more].

Thanks to the CHR’s intervention, persons with reduced mobility will be able to use the underground crossing at Bohaterów Getta Square in Kraków also after 7 p.m. [more].


The draft statement of withdrawal from the Convention against violence should be considered as public information. The CHR has joined the proceeding before the Voivodeshp Administrative Court [more].

The Voivodeshp Administrative Court in Łódź has taken into account the Commissioner’s complaint regarding fees for car towing in Łódź. The City Council had introduced the fees without verifying the relation to the actual costs of towing [more].

The Ministry of Agriculture has replied to the CHR’s intervention regarding the reduction of area payments [więcej].


Hanna Machińska is the CHR’s new deputy [more].

The CHR Office hosted a conference entitled Support to persons suffering from Alzheimer's disease and to their families: needs and good practices [conference report and video].

Adam Bodnar attended the Senior Citizens’ Parliament meeting [more]. On the occasion of the International Day of the Elderly, the CHR also addressed a letter to seniors [more].

The first Monday of October is the World Habitat Day [więcej]. On this occasion, the CHR Office issued a publication entitled Housing programmes in preventing homelessness: good practices and reflections on the system [more].

How to solve the problem of malpractices in the debt collection sector? The CHR met with representatives of the Conference of Financial Companies in Poland and the National Council of Consumer Ombudsmen [more].

Deputy CHR met with representatives of the Institute of Health and Democracy [more].

The CHR Office employees visited the psychiatric ward of the 7th Naval Hospital in Gdańsk [more].

Commissioner Adam Bodnar met with students of the Paweł Jasienica non-public General Secondary School in Warsaw [more].

Representative of the Constitutional Court of the federal state of Saarland visited the CHR Office [więcej].

Training in the framework of the Helplines Coalition [more].

Summary of the summer apprenticeship programme in the CHR Office[more]