Godło RP

Newsletter Commissioner for Human Rights in Poland 3 - 7 September 2018


The UN Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities assessed, for the first time, the implementation by Poland of the Convention ratified in 2012. During the three-day assessment procedure the government announced amendments e.g. of the regulations on incapacitation. The CHR presented 84 recommendations to the Committee, relating, inter alia, to the necessity to implement persons with disabilities’ right to live independently. (more)

The freedom of assembly in Poland is violated although it is the essence of freedom. This is the main conclusion of the CHR’s report on the subject. We invite you to read the full document which also includes the Commissioner’s numerous recommendations that may restore the legal order in line with the Constitution of the Republic of Poland. (more)


Already now, persons with disabilities should be provided by local municipalities access to rented flats without architectural barriers. The Commissioner has addressed the Mayor of Warsaw with regard to the matter. (more)

The Commissioner has appealed to the court to reject the application of the Ministry of the Interior and Administration for compulsory receivership of the Obywatele RP foundation. According to Adam Bodnar, the Minister has not indicated which specific actions of the foundation constitute significant violation of the law but has only pointed to such a possibility. (more)


Another problem concerning “the Act on beasts”: a court in what composition should take decision on placing a person, who has refused to undergo treatment, in the Gostynin centre? The Commissioner, in his opinion on the legal question to the Supreme Court, argues that in such a case, the decision should be taken by three judges not one. (more)


The Commissioner met with representatives of Stowarzyszenie Poszkodowanych Obligatariuszy GetBack S.A. (the association of financially injured bond holders of GetBack S.A.). Adam Bodnar assured that he would take intervention in their case, first of all before the financial market supervising authority and law enforcement authorities. (more)