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Newsletter Commissioner for Human Rights in Poland 3 - 8 January 2016

Newsletter 3 -8 January 2017


„The need to establish a generally accessible system of public monitoring of persons in need” – the CHR’s appeal in the period of strong frost

- We need to establish a generally accessible system of public monitoring of persons in need - appealed Deputy CHR Krzysztof Olkowicz at the press conference held at the CHR Office and focused e.g. on the situation of persons affected by the homelessness crisis [more].

Adam Bodnar and the CHR employees support Wielka Orkiestra Świątecznej Pomocy (the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity)

On 15 January, the 25th Finale of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity was held. This year, the income from the action will support life-saving and healthcare equipment at general pediatric wards, and will contribute to decent health care for seniors. The items donated for the auction included a medal commemorating the 1050 anniversary of Christianity in Poland, donated by Adam Bodnar, and a Christmas tree ball ornament hand-made by the CHR Office employees [link to the auction].

The CHR’s main activities to support senior persons: www.rpo.gov.pl/pl/content/osoby-starsze

The publication System wsparcia dla osób starszych w środowisku zamieszkania [Community support system for senior persons] may help all those who take decisions influencing public space design and the provision of public-sector services.

„Do you have a problem with a loan in Swiss francs? Find out what you can do” – a joint information action of the CHR and the Financial Ombudsman

Starting from January 2017, the Commissioner for Human Rights and the Financial Ombudsman shall carry out a joint information action in nine Polish cities: Bydgoszcz, Częstochowa, Gdańsk, Katowice, Kielce, Lublin, Słupsk, Szczecin and Wrocław. The first meeting was held in Wrocław on 13 January. Details and dates of individual meetings are available at rpo.gov.pl

What can be done about smog: the CHR’s main activities www.rpo.gov.pl/pl/tagi/smog


Prior to the President’s signing of the parliamentary act on the education system reform, the Commissioner wondered whether it would be vetoed by the President [more].

Has TVP INFO breached provisions on personal data protection while broadcasting information on Ewa Tylman ’s case proceedings in the court? The CHR’s ex-officio intervention [more].

What will happen to persons who live in “temporary flats” in Bielsko-Biała? The CHR’s regional representative in Katowice intervenes [more].

The Minister of the Environment’s reply to the CHR’s letter regarding the need to introduce anti-odour regulations [more].


The rules of imposing administrative penalties to be unified - the Council of Ministers takes the CHR’s postulates into account [more].

New regulations on the amount of income tax threshold explained by the Minister of Development and Finance [more].

The CHR’s intervention before the Minister of Justice and the National Head of the Prison Service with regard to mentally disabled persons held in penitentiary institutions [more].

The Commissioner writes again to the Minister of Infrastructure and Construction with regard to the eviction procedure and related problems [more].

Do persons who visit prisoners in prisons and pre-trial detention facilities have to undergo alcohol-level tests? [more].

The Supreme Court has upheld the CHR’s cassation appeal in the case of a woman who applied for a Polish visa because she felt her life was in danger [more].

What will happen to persons held at the National Centre for Prevention of Dissocial Disorders in Gostynin? A detailed description of the Constitutional Tribunal’s judgement [more].


A report on INGOs Conference on NGO’s participation in decision-making processes in Poland has been published. Last year, the CHR met with representatives of the organization [more]