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Newsletter Commissioner for Human Rights in Poland 7-13 February 2017

Newsletter  7-13 February 2017


The CHR requests the exclusion of Mariusz Muszyński and Lech Morawski from the panel adjudicating in the case brought before the Constitutional Court [more].

The Commissioner for Human Rights’ opinion on the termination of the proceeding before the Constitutional Tribunal, regarding the extension of the administrative borders of the Opole city [more].

Alimony – our common issue

One million children in Poland do not receive alimony due to them! The Commissioner for Human Rights and the Ombudsman for Children presented an annual report on the work of the Joint Expert Group on Child Support, as well as activities planned for the future [report on the Joint Expert Group on Child Support and a conference video].

The CHR’s regional meeting in Siedlce

Problems of deaf persons, the situation of NGOs, electoral rights of persons with disabilities and domestic violence were the issues discussed by the participants of this year's first regional meeting with the CHR in Siedlce [more].  At the social welfare home in Ptaszki, the Commissioner met with representatives of Siedlce Association for Supporting Persons with Alzheimer’s disease [more]. He also met with young persons from the Youth Correctional Facility at Czuchów Pieńki [more] and with pupils from the Upper Secondary School at Łochów [more].

The next regional meetings will be held in the Opolskie region on 21-23 February 2017.


What can be done about the problems of tenants of Warsaw buildings to which ownership claims are raised? The CHR starts cooperation with the plenipotentiary of the Mayor of Warsaw [more].

In Gdańsk, another meeting was held on problems with loans denominated in Swiss francs. The meetings are held within a joint information action of the CHR and the Financial Ombudsman [more].

The Commissioner intervenes in the case of teachers from Zabrze who took part in the so-called „black protest” [more].

What about the support for homeless persons who are not self-dependent? The Ministry replies to the CHR’s letter [more].

Thanks to the support of the CHR and cooperation of many institutions, Ms Joanna from Zielona Góra has found assistance in taking care of her six month old daughter [more].

The CHR is of the opinion that court proceedings regarding domestic violence are too long [more].

The case regarding a heating boiler: the CHR’s cassation appeal resulted in acquittal by the Supreme Court [more].

Rector of the Białystok University replies to the CHR’s comments regarding the article on students with disabilities [more].

Problems of the health care system: representatives of patient organisations talk to the CHR [more].

The case of Mr Waldemar: he was in prison, so he could not have abused his family members at that time [more].

The Commissioner once again intervenes to protect tenants of housing community buildings against the effects of the community’s bankruptcy [more].

Application to the Minister of the Interior and Administration regarding the police officers’ obligation to use accrued holiday leave [more].

The situation of homeless Poles abroad: the CHR reports on his visit to Paris [more].


The CHR joins the case before the Constitutional Tribunal regarding the selection of the Tribunal’s judges, and files an application for terminating the proceeding [more].

The Supreme Administrative Court’s judgement: a delay in the publication of the Constitutional Tribunal’s judgement may not adversely affect citizen’s possibility to resume the court proceeding [more].

Consuls refuse access to the hearing to defenders? The CHR writes to the Minister of Foreign Affairs [more].

Doubts as to the procedures of funding electoral campaigns. The CHR writes to the President of the National Electoral Commission [more].

Question of law to the Supreme Court regarding the expiry of perpetual usufruct period [more].

Criminal liability for defamation: a letter to the Chairman of the Polish Senate’s Committee on Human Rights, Rule of Law and Petitions [more].

Application to the Minister of Justice regarding legal grounds for resuming criminal proceedings [more].


Norwegian Foreign Minister visits the CHR Office [more].

A home that does not exist. The Commissioner attends a debate on homeless persons [more].

Meeting with representatives of the Trade Unions’ Forum [more].

About the health care system in Poland: Adam Bodnar talks to students [more].

The CHR visits the upper secondary school Liceum im. Antoniego Dobiszewskiego in Warsaw [more]