Workshop: Towards Convention on the Rights of Older Persons


The workshop organized at the Office of the Commissioner for Human Rights focused on the rights of older persons, namely on the right to lifelong learning and capacity building of social protection for older persons. It was already the third joint workshop on the human rights of older persons co-organized by the Commissioner for Human Rights of Poland and German Institute for Human Rights. For the first time we hosted also a guest from the Public Defender Office of Georgia, which is also a National Human Rights Institution. The main aim of the meeting was to strengthen the message for the discussion held on the UN level and to use the opportunity given by the questions circulated by of the Chair of the Open-ended Working Group on Ageing. Therefore the outcome of the workshop – besides the submissions prepared on behalf of each institutions separately – will be a joint submission to his call for inputs focused only on the key elements of the international standard of human rights of older persons in the scope of education and life long-learning and social protection of older persons. That is a part of preparation for the next, 11th Session of UN Open-ended Working Group on Ageing planned on 6-9th April 2020 in UN Headquarters in New York. Experts from Poland, Germany, Great Britain and Georgia took part in the workshop. Also representatives of the Polish and German ministries responsible for the senior policy were invited to the workshop.


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    Podczas spotkania nt. praw osób starszych w Biurze RPO
  • Osoby siedzą w sali
    Od lewej: Michael Windfuhr, Adam Bodnar, zastępczyni RPO Hanna Machińska