A dispute about Facebook. The debate at the Commissioner’s office with participation of all stakeholders

  • Długa 23/25
Zdjęcie ludzi na sali i znak "play"

„Facebook: hate speech - freedom of speech. A challenge to civilization and law, or a crisis of values? "- nearly 100 persons took part in the debate held at the CHR Office, and five times as much watched it live on the internet. The Commissioner arranged the discussion alarmed by the right-wing circles which reported that their Facebook pages were blocked before November 11. More than 30 persons took part in the discussion; they included representatives of the nationalist movement, the left-wing organizations, as well as experts in internet technologies, human rights, hate speech, and representatives of the government administration. The debate was intended to help the CHR to formulate a position on that matter. The recording and transcripts of the three-hour meeting are available in Polish language.


  • Grafika z tytułem debaty

    Facebook – mowa nienawiści – wolność słowa 👍👎 Wyzwanie cywilizacyjne i prawnicze czy kryzys wartości?