Newsletter Commissioner for Human Rights in Poland 10-16 October 2017

Newsletter 10-16 October 2017


The death penalty is not justice. Celebrations of the World Day Against the Death Penalty

Societies and states, granting themselves the right to sentence people to death, undermine the foundation of human rights: the inalienable dignity of the individual. The consequence of this inevitable dignity is the unconditional right to exist, pointed out Halina Bortnowska, President of the Council of the Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights and the initiator of the Polish celebrations of the World Day Against the Death Penalty. On the occasion of the Day, in the CHR Office a conference was held with the participation of scientists and representatives of non-governmental organizations. A unique graphic recording of the event has been created [details and graphic recording].

No one can be a judge in their own case, wrote the CHR to the Constitutional Tribunal. The letter concerned the exclusion of Mariusz Muszyński and Henryk Cioch from the adjudicating panel in the proceeding regarding the examination of the constitutionality of three parliamentary acts on the Constitutional Tribunal  [more].


The CHR: the bill on compulsory isolation of women who drink alcohol and take drugs during pregnancy is not constitutional. Adam Bodnar has written a letter on the issue to the Ombudsman for Children, who has proposed to initiate works on the bill [more].

Do the regulations implementing the Apartment + programme do not reduce the protection, against eviction to the street, of persons who are in really difficult situations? The Commissioner’s next intervention regarding institutionalized housing rental [more].

Why do persons who are 100 years old and over have to pay more for social care homes? The Commissioner has written to the Minister of Family, Labour and Social Policy with regard to the issue [more].

Internet use in schools – reply of the Ministry of National Education

- Following the CHR’s suggestion, the report entitled Teenagers 3.0, developed by the NASK research and development organisation, has been analyzed and forwarded to all regional school superintendents for dissemination among schools. The results and recommendations of the report may be useful e.g. in the development of school education and prevention programmes, informed the Minister of National Education in reply to the CHR’s inquiry [more].

The Ombudsman for Children and the Commissioner for Human Rights inquire about plans to develop comprehensive solutions for more effective enforcement of the Act on support to persons entitled to child maintenance, and about the chances for introducing stricter supervision over enforcement activities undertaken by local governments towards persons who fail to pay child maintenance [more].

Violence against deaf persons and problems faced by them in courts were discussed in a meeting of the Expert Committee for Support to Deaf Persons [more].


Parking fees may be charged solely for car parking in places clearly marked as paid ones, judged the Supreme Administrative Court. Until now, municipalities frequently charged fees (and penalties) for car parking in any place within a paid parking zone [more].

Compensation for land in the Bug River area: the Supreme Administrative Court has fully shared the CHR’s opinion –application filing initiates an administrative proceeding also in relation to all other parties entitled to compensation for a given piece of land [more].


Deputy CHR Dr Sylwia Spurek in the Executive Board of Equinet - European Network of Equality Bodies [more].

Deputy CHR Stanisław Trociuk on the constitutional basis for criminal proceedings [more].

CHR representatives attended the Pomorze Region’s First Self-Help Forum for persons who have experienced a psychological crisis, held in Gdynia [more].

The CHR attended the conference Judicial protection of individual rights in Central European countries - experience and change trends in Opole [more].

Łódź An information meeting on mortgage loans denominated in Swiss francs [report on the meeting, a presentation and an interactive guidebook].

The CHR’s statement on the occasion of World Mental Health Day [more]