Newsletter Commissioner for Human Rights in Poland 12-18 September 2017

Newsletter 12-18  September 2017


People’s stories. What are the matters about which people come to see the Commissioner? Adam Bodnar's speech in the Sejm

The report on the CHR’s activity and the observance of human and civil rights and freedoms in 2016 was different than before. The Commissioner spoke mainly of the matters about which people come to see him, and about what he sees and hears when he travels and meets people across the country. He also explained how the problems could be solved. He stressed the significance of cooperation, dialogue and consultation, and of the state’s efforts not to ignore anyone’s problems. The report was accepted by the Sejm.

[text of the CHR’s speech]

Prior to the plenary meeting, the CHR’s annual report was also presented to the Sejm’s Committee on Justice and Human Rights [more].

What should be changed in Polish courts? – the CHR’s intervention to Minister Andrzej Dera from the Chancellery of the President of Poland

- The reform of the system of justice is necessary both for the citizens and for the judges themselves, wrote CHR Adam Bodnar in his letter to the Secretary of State in the President's Chancellery. The Commissioner presented his comments on the presidential draft bills on the Supreme Court and the National Council of the Judiciary [more].

The Dutch ombudsman Reinier van Zutphen was a guest of the Polish CHR [more]. During his visit to Poland, he took part in a seminar entitled " The role of Ombudsman in the age of growing populism" [more].

STARTING TOMORROW: CHR’s regional meetings in the Zachodniopomorskie Voivodeship (19-22 September)

In 2015 in Szczecin, Commissioner for Human Rights Adam Bodnar began a series of CHR’s regional meetings. After two years he is returning to Szczecin and he will also visit: Stargard, Gryfice, Złocieniec, Drawsko Pomorskie, Siemczyno, Czaplinek and Gryfino [meetings schedule and registration form].


Journalist’s dismissal from Polskie Radio on the grounds of criticizing the employing company was illegal, judged the Warsaw court. This has been one of the CHR’s strategic judicial proceedings [more].

Problems with interpretation of the law in proceedings for claims relating to damages caused by deprivation of liberty

The CHR receives citizens’ complaints indicating that based on the existing regulations it is not possible to clearly determine the date from which interest is due on compensation for wrongful conviction, temporary detention or arrest. The Commissioner requested the Minister of Justice to consider the possibility of initiating relevant legislative changes [more].

The Commissioner’s intervention to the Head of the Prison Service regarding procedures to be used in the so-called adverse events

The idea is to introduce a system of reporting all adverse events. The reports should contain an accurate description of the event and information required for its initial assessment [more].

The CHR’s intervention regarding detention by the police of the witness of the intervention in the case of Igor Stachowiak [more].

Bullying of a 7-year-old boy during a vacation summer camp by his peers. The Commissioner is looking into the case [more].

Fuels most responsible for smog are going to be eliminated, announced the Minister of Energy in reply to the Commissioner’s intervention [more].

The CHR has received a reply from ZUS National Social Insurance Company regarding the cooperation of bailiffs and ZUS on cases of child maintenance debtors [more].


The Supreme Administrative Court has agreed with the Commissioner that a foreign citizen – victim of violence is entitled to the care allowance despite the fact that her husband - the perpetrator of violence no longer lives in Poland [more].

Polish regulations on telecommunications data retention should be adjusted to the EU law. The CHR has written to the Minister of Foreign Affairs with regard to the issue [more].

The Voivodeship Administrative Court in Łódź has admitted the CHR's complaint regarding an individual interpretation of tax regulations. The case concerned the interpretation of the provisions on the obligation to pay tax on real property sale that took place within 5 years of the death of the spouse [more].


OSCE Representative on Freedom of the Media has visited the CHR Office [more].

Stanislaw Trociuk has attended the International Congress on Children’s Rights [more].

10th regional debate of the National Mechanism for the Prevention of Torture was held in Zielona Góra [more].

Meeting of the Expert Committee on Persons with Disabilities [more].

How should a senior person’s ideal apartment be designed? Members of the Expert Committee on the Elderly have visited the Warsaw district of Bielany [more]