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Newsletter Commissioner for Human Rights in Poland 19 - 24 April 2017

Newsletter  19 -24 April 2017


Commissioner for Human Right’s statement on domestic violence [more].  The Commissioner has also written to the Minister of Justice with regard to correctional and educational programs for perpetrators of domestic violence, who leave prisons [more].

The CHR’s letter to the Association of Polish Banks with regard to loans in Swiss francs

The conclusions from the meetings held with citizens within the information action on loans denominated in Swiss francs were submitted by Commissioner for Human Rights Adam Bodnar to the Association of Polish Banks. This was done as part of the CHR’s annual report on banking-related matters indicated as problematic by citizens in their appeals to the Commissioner. The information is going to be used by the Association’s Committee on Banking Ethics [more].


Perinatal care standards: further motions by the Commissioner for Human Rights [more].

Results of the so-called “old” matriculation exams are not taken into account during recruitment to universities which offer courses in medicine [more].

Are prisoners really so dangerous that they should not be allowed to hug their own kids? [more].

The CHR on blind persons’ lack of access to the search engine of the National Court Register [more].

The CHR on the implementation of the promised free-of-charge determination of boundaries of individually owned apartments in multi-family residential buildings [more].


Has an effective method of fighting odour nuisance eventually been found? A verdict of the Regional Administrative Court in Warsaw, regarding the composting plant in the city’s sub-district of Radiowo [more].

The Constitutional Tribunal’s judgement regarding legal measures in referendum campaigns [more].

The Commissioner’s request to the Minister of the Interior and Administration for information on the schedule of work on the new migration policy as well as the priorities and main objectives of the developed migration strategy [more].

Problems with delivery of court letters relating to criminal proceedings [more].

The CHR: a mistake in the title of a letter to a court (entitled complaint, instead of letter of appeal) should not be an obstacle for a court to deal with the case, also if the letter of appeal in question has been written by a solicitor or a legal counsel [more].

The Polish legislation includes no provisions on the institution of the so-called national observers of elections [more].


The Polish Association for Anti-Discrimination Law: a meeting at the CHR Office with pro bono lawyers [more]

The Commissioner at the conference entitled Cultural Heritage in the European Union: Legal Perspectives and Contemporary Challenges [more].

Deputy CHR Sylwia Spurek attended the celebrations of the 74th anniversary of the uprising in the Warsaw ghetto [more].

The CHR has talked with young citizens from the town of Jastrzębie-Zdrój [more].

3rd International Congress of Forensic Psychiatry was attended by Deputy CHR Krzysztof Olkowicz [more].

Adam Bodnar took part in a scientific conference entitled A panorama of legal aspects of multicultural society, held in Poznań. He delivered a speech on multiculturalism in the protection of human civil rights and freedoms [more]